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Memorabilia Insurance

If all my clients and friends out there are a little like me, you appreciate collecting, whether it is gas station memorbilia, old toys, model trains, stamps, model cars, rare coins, and endless more!

I think anyone who appreciates a little part of history, is a special person, and has to have appreciation for all aspects of life from the past. That is why I have created this page, for you...

Many homeowner policies do NOT cover these items properly and are more expensive to do so. Also, with homeowner policies being so restrictive today and unpredictable for the future, you may have to be switching from one to another over the years. As an agent, that is why I think it makes sense to insure all your collectables and antiques ,etc, on a separate policy with people that understand these things and to avoid future claim problems! I have done so myself. Check out the info below.

Just as important as it is to have proper agreed or guaranteed value on your classic cars, it is just as important to have the proper policies on your collectables too. Please check out their website on this page for more details and rates or call me.

Either way, i will be your agency taking care of you.

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