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Drag Racing Coverage 101

Motorsports: Pro-street & any raced vehicles

Hagerty's program provides off-track coverage for many raced/and or Pro-street vehicles. Vehicles that are actively raced may qualify for a Hagerty policy; however, coverage does not apply while the vehicle is on-track.

Vehicles that have racing usage are often high performance vehicles and/or modified vehicles. Purpose-built vintage racecars can be very valuable and collectible due to their history. Modern, high quality, excellent condition vehicles may also be considered. Pro-street vehicles are automobiles modified with drag racing features such as roll cages and tubbed rear wheel-wells to accommodate wide racing-type tires. Other features may include five-point racing harnesses, lightened interiors with racing seats, wheelie casters, parachutes and power adding features to engine. Hagerty considers a vehicle to be pro-street when it is tubbed AND caged.

Vehicles must be fully street legal to be considered for a full coverage policy. Dedicated race vehicles, non-street legal vehicles, and/or highly modified vehicles may be offered coverage for physical damage associated with storage and transport only.

These vehicles are underwritten very carefully and coverage offered may be limited or not available for all risks.

Guidelines for writing raced vehicles:

  • Minimum value for vehicles newer than 15 years old is $15,000.
  • Vehicles must be in excellent condition.
  • "Tuner" type vehicles with racing use are not eligible.

Guidelines for writing pro-street vehicles:

  • Minimum value is $25,000.
  • Vehicles must be completed and in excellent condition.
  • Named insured and drivers must have 10 years driving experience. Household members age 26 or younger must be excluded where available.
  • Motor vehicle record and claims history should be clear.
  • Vehicles with more than 700 hp will not be written with liability.
  • Vehicles with functional nitrous components are not eligible for coverage.

Due to the unique risk these vehicles present, please contact Hagerty's home office at 800-747-5348 with any additional questions or concerns that are not addressed on this webpage.